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Newborn Norah!

August 12th, 2011-

Some time last week I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Norah, a gorgeous little girl with a full head of dark hair. She made my heart melt just a little :) I did a maternity session for her mama and papa, Gina + Nik, a few months ago. They decided to wait to find out the gender but had already chosen Norah as their name if they had a girl. It's the perfect name for her!

We started outside...poor little thing was confused a bit by how bright it was :)

I just love this shot...

I found these pom poms, left over from a baby shower. They made a great backdrop!

Norah wasn't into the "baby in a basket"!

My favorite newborn shots seem to always include the new mommy and daddy!

The end! Aren't you proud of me for blogging when I'm moving this weekend? Yep. I'm crazy.


Gina said...

Thank you, Beth - gorgeous work as usual! She is already changing and getting bigger, so we are very grateful to have all of these precious pictures of her as a newborn :).

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