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Emily + Andy: Engaged!

I am super excited to shoot Emily and Andy's wedding next year, as it will be taking place at two of the most beautiful spots in StL...St. Francis Xavier Church at SLU and the Renaissance Crystal Ballroom! It'll be in February, so we'll keep our fingers crossed for decent weather!

I met them at their home in South City to get started. I have quite a few couples who live in the city...they all have such cute houses!

And then we headed over to Forest Park. Some very strange things were happening that day. First, my car broke down for the 2nd time that week...2nd, the zoo appeared to be on fire, and 3rd, when our session ended, we saw what appeared to be a wolf or coyote run right past us. Oh yeah, there was a full moon that night too!

At least with all the weirdness surrounding us we ended up with some beautiful light :)

Thanks for hanging with me through my car disaster! Looking forward to seeing you guys in February!!


Sutberry Photography said...

I love the one where they are kissing and the light is all around them. Lovely!

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