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Ann + Justin: Married!!!

Happy Sunday, Blog Readers!
I'm happy to present to you the wedding of Ann and Justin. When describing this couple to my 2nd shooter and assistant before we started shooting that day, I described them as one of the most in-love couples I've met. For their engagement session, I barely had to pose them. They are just so natural together. They're also just so sweet and laid-back. I couldn't wait to shoot their wedding at the Hyatt Regency across from the Arch.

Ann's dress was gorgeous...and the ring was simply amazing.

All the bridesmaids' shoes were lined up when I arrived...all different...more and more brides are doing this these days and it's a good thing! The next photo is of Ann's sparkly dancin' shoes!

While the girls were getting their pretty on, Lynsey caught the guys duct-taping their pocket squares. Now that was a new one for me...

They didn't want to see each other, so we did separate photos of the guys and girls before the ceremony. But sometimes I like to shoot "head shots" in the same spot for album consistency. I love the Hyatt lobby!

The guys were having some fun :)

Then back up to the rooftop for the ceremony! Mother Nature presented us with some CRR-AAZY lighting for the ceremony, as the following photo demonstrates...

Love this shot of Ann and her father coming down the aisle! I think it personifies their relationship!

And then there were some tender moments as dad gave his daughter away. I got a little teared up myself!

Even with the side-ways sun, you just can't beat the view!

Patiently waiting to be bustled before round 2 of photos...

Eeeks! And then they were ready to rock it! I love Ann's serious look!

We've been having bad luck this year with fall colors in St. Louis. It's the end of October and everything is either dead or still green. What's up with that? But there was just enough color down on the Arch grounds...

I love this series. The guys were congratulating me for being such as kick-ass photographer. Or wait...I'm not sure what they were doing...

The beautiful girls...I think they were the only bridal party out of about 5 we saw that were NOT wearing purple...

I also love this next image. There were a bunch of people waiting to cross the street, and I asked if they minded if my bride and groom went first. The unfortunate couple in this shot were confused by my instructions, and started running backwards...hilarious.

Back up to the rooftop for the reception!!! Ann made the centerpieces herself!

Lots of heart-warming toasts...

And ending with some first dances...

YES!!! The dance floor LIGHTS UP! Brides, have your wedding here and I'll shoot it! I love the coordinator, Amy McIntosh. Totally contact her :)
Ann and Justin, Thank you for having such a wonderful wedding day. A lot of the day didn't even feel like work for us!

Thanks to Lynsey Tedesco for being my 2nd photographer. And always thanks to my assistant Nicole who worked on her BIRTHDAY!

And here are some of their vendors for the day:

Wedding/Reception: Hyatt Regency St. Louis Arch
Dress: David's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Shaley's
Tuxedos: Savvi
Reception Favors: Daffy Apple
Cake: McArthurs
Bouquets: Etsy shop My Favors and Flowers
Ceremony Programs: Etsy Shop Sondra's Ink
Bouquet Charms: Etsy Shop Cherry Creek


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