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Beth Berry Photography is BOOKED for 2010 (and lots of 2011)!

Hey there everyone! I wanted to put out a general message to explain the state of my business, mostly because I'm being inundated by last-minute inquiries!

Unfortunately I have not been accepting new family/child clients for 2010 for the last few months. This is for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is that I accepted too many weddings! I just shot wedding 18/20 this past weekend. Each year as my business has grown, I have shot more and more weddings...this year I thought a good cap would be 20...well...while still working a full-time job, 20 ended up being a LOT! I spend many a night locked away in my basement office in front of my imac, listening to my Queen station on Pandora. While I am locked away, my husband does laundry, cooks meals, and lives life virtually wife-less. It's kind of sad, and the way I have tried to remedy it was to stop taking on new clients. It's not that I don't WANT the business, because I do! I am so grateful to every client that I've had the pleasure of meeting over the last 3 years. I have just simply had to learn to say "no". For many photographers, it's a hard word to learn and say!

Which brings me to mini-sessions. Nope, I won't be doing them this year. The thought was extremely tempting, especially b/c I need money to buy the 24mm 1.4 lens that I've been talking about for a YEAR...but again I had to stop myself and remember that I want a life, I want to be a wife, I can't afford to give up another weekend and spend countless nights stressed out trying to get my lovely clients their Christmas cards on time! I'm sorry if you used me in the past and expected me to do them again this year...I just physically can't!

As for 2011, I currently have 14 weddings booked. I will probably accept 2 or 3 more, and that will be it! I have been turning down October 2011 weddings (at this point I've received probably 12-15 inquiries for those dates) because we've decided it's time to try to work on having a family (GASP....how scary!)

If you are interested in having family photos done in 2011, please contact me in January or February for Spring Sessions. I currently only have 1 wedding in March, and 1 wedding in April, so these will be perfect months for family sessions!

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble! I am so appreciative for the business each of you have given me over the last few years!


Lynsey T said...

Go Beth! I agree that it's extremely difficult to tell clients no but you have to have a work/life balance. Good for you for prioritizing!

Griffin said...

If you weren't so good, this wouldn't be an issue, but this is great news for me !!!! I'm extremely interested in scheduling some sessions with you in the near future !!!! I Love You

Beth Berry said...

Oh husband...you are funny :)

Alison Douglass Photography said...

Great to hear you are so busy and wonderful you are finding time for you and hubby! It is so very hard to say no... and love your husbands comment!

Leanne said...

Eeeeee a family!!!!
Awesome post-- you are a lady who isnt afraid to go after what she wants!

Donna Harris said...

Love this post. Your clients will appreciate that you are taking time to 'be you' which is why they love your photography in the first place. It's no fun to completely lose yourself by working too much or too hard.
Best of luck to you!

Ryan Gladstone said...

Awesome problem to have! Congratulations!

Lisa Scherer said...

I can so relate to this post. And you are so right, as photographers no is the hardest word to say. Best of luck in 2011!

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