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The Zipfel Family and their new addition!

Last Spring I photographed two Zipfel kiddos...who happened to be two of the cutest kids I've ever worked with. This summer a new baby was added to the family and she couldn't be any sweeter...

Big brother and sister are so good with her...

...and each other! If they are always this good, their parents are very lucky :)

H. got bored with our shoot and decided to fix himself breakfast...and I caught him in the act!

The happy family!
She was a goooood sleeping baby...
Love the scrunched-up face!

Mom and baby...can you believe she JUST had a baby?

Little fist-pump for dad!

Window light is always so lovely!

It was great to see you all again! I love seeing your kids grow up!


Sutberry Photography said...

Gorgeous baby!!!! I adore the kitchen table shot and the window light is perfect!!

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