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Mike and Mary: Engaged!

So Mike and my husband Griffin go waaay back...like to way back when they were getting into adolescent boy mischief, way before they ever thought about getting married :) Griff will be one of Mike's groomsmen this October 30th, and I expect the day to be nothing short of a crazy-good time. Everyone in our group of friends has really loved Mary since the day we met her, so glad that they found each other!

Anyway...on to the photos...we shot all these in about 30 minutes. To clients who may wonder, no, my sessions aren't usually that short. But in this sweltering, heavy, disgusting heat...well, I can shoot REALLY fast :)

This building may look familiar...I just shot there last weekend. I really like this spot!

Mike asked me to really keep down the cheese factor, and I tried my hardest. I think these are just cute!

Yay pretty flare!

I love this next series...I always like to ask the guys to say something to make their girl laugh...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's nice when a guy can crack you up :)


The end for now! See you guys soon!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Mike could be this serious. The photo's are beautiful and they look so happy together.
Best wishes

Dan King

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