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Suarez Family!

Last week I met up with the Suarez Family. They've graced the blog a few times now! It is so fun as a photographer to watch these kids grow up! Photographing 3 little ones is a tough job! I have to remind parents that at this age it's going to be hard to get those "formal" smile-at-the-camera shots...and I think it's so much more fun to just catch their personalities in action!

They brought along a wagon for the little guy...he looks a little nervous with his sisters behind the wheel :)

He dances every time mom sings to him!

I just love these two. Their different personalities are really starting to show now that they are toddlers.

At the end we all got to make silly faces :)
Have a wonderful summer!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family shoot. I can't pick a favorite, but the family shot sitting on the grass is perfect, and the kids making faces is too cute. Good job MK

Sutberry Photography said...

I love the little girls showing their brother the flowers :)

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