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Laura + Stuart, Engaged!

Laura and Stuart are getting married in August and are only the 2nd couple I've ever met who live in Breese, IL :) We met up this weekend in quite the interesting locale...Granite City! You see, my husband is a contractor at the steel mill, and he is always coming home telling me about all these cool photo locations over there. I decided to trust his eye, knowing that GC was a much shorter drive for L + S than my original idea. We found lots of great places!

Funny story...when we were shooting near this wall a cop pulled up...I informed him we were taking engagement photos. He acted surprised, to say the least, and exclaimed, "In Granite City, of all places?" hehe.

Anyway, once you get past the grungy-ness of downtown GC, there are some really beautiful neighborhoods and parks. As you noticed from my last session posted, tulips were the theme of the weekend. We got lucky that everything was in full bloom b/c they are now already dying!

Cute purple shoes Laura!

I like it when I man can pull the serious face :)

See you guys in a few months!


Lisa Scherer said...

How awesome is that brick wall! Adorable couple and great location.

laura said...

We love the pictures and couldn't be happier with our decision to have you photograph our wedding! Thanks for a great shoot and fabulous images!

summar said...

LOVE IT - great work!!

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