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Katie and Ryan: Engaged!

Hey blog readers! You all are going to get to see LOTS of images this week! I had 3 engagement sessions this weekend, and I have a family session tomorrow...and next weekend I'm back to the crazy wedding schedule! It's going to get pretty lively around here :)

First up on the blog this week is Katie and Ryan. Katie is my former "student intern" at my old job...and then she took the job over when I left for my current position! She and Ryan were recently engaged and are getting married next October. Oh and they just bought their first house together! How exciting to be newly engaged, newly homeowners...with a whole married life ahead of them :)

We started out at Tower Grover Park bright and early!
Some of the pavilions just got a fresh paint job :)

PS I just bought this same top in ivory from anthropologie...isn't it so cute?

After Tower Grove, our plan was to go to the arch...but lordy was downtown crowded. No parking, so change of venue...headed over to SLU, which is where Katie went to grad school (and so did I, by the way!) It's just amazingly beautiful there in the spring and I've always wanted to shoot there.
Same shot from my sneak preview...but I love it so you get to see it again!

Love this Love this Love this!

Close up of Katie's hair piece...so cute!

Thanks guys! Hope you love your images :)


landlocked bride said...

LOVE the SLU photos (I'm a SLU grad, too). I always loved (and still do) Spring on campus!

Gorgeous work!

Katie said...

We LOVE them, Beth! You are so talented! Thanks so much for making these so special for us...

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