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Courtney + Kevin, Engaged!

My 3rd session of the weekend was with Courtney and Kevin. Courtney contacted me for an engagement session because they will be getting married about 3 hours away and I was already booked for their wedding. We started out by the old City Hall building which I think is just lovely.

What you can't see in this beautiful photo is that there were homeless people sleeping nearby...

We drove down to the Arch grounds for a few...the photo on the right is a recreation of one of Courtney's fave photos of she and Kevin :)

Then we headed over to Busch...these 2 are big Cardinal fans!

Of course since it was a tulip-themed weekend...I HAD to have them kissing behind the tulips :)

This last photo I posted on facebook on opening day...how convenient they are getting married on 10-9!!

Thanks guys! It was nice meeting you and I hope you have a fantastic fall wedding!


Sara McDermott said...

omg girl I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one by the lake with the spring trees in bloom...sooo pretty!

Meg said...

The picture by the lake with the trees was flippin beautiful!! Wow, goosebumps. Nice job!

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