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Let's Run!

I try to keep this blog mainly photography related, but today I added the Nike + application. I think seeing my little mini-me jumping up and down will help hold me accountable for my workouts. I set a goal of 25 miles for the month of January. Let me know if you want to join me, we can start a challenge!!!


Studio 7 Photography said...

I think I can run to the corner and back. And I live on the corner!

Anonymous said...

Hee-hee! I have my mini-me on my blog, too. It's super inspiring when she starts mocking me. ;)

Due to our extreme blizzard she's not run in a little while and she's getting a little surly!

I'd love to join you for a challenge. :) I'm going to have to set a goal lower than 25 miles for now though due to messing my knees up running too much last year!

Anonymous said...

Hey I didn't know Missouri operated on the metric system! ;) Congrats on your last 5km run. :)

ELisa said...

ummm... if you ever need a walking partner I might be able to handle that. I have to work my way up to running...maybe if you found someone scary to chase me, HA!

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