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Danny and Sarah: Engagement

So I had a session cancelled today, and while being lazy with all this free time I realized I had a "mini" session to blog. The day after we got back to Ohio for Danny and Sarah's wedding, we did a quick engagement shoot, mostly so we could get a picture for the signature frame. It's hard for me to just stop at a couple of smily pictures though...so we took a few more!

Her eyes look really pretty here!

Perfect for the signature frame...

I think my bro is very handsome :)

Silliness and sunflare...

I love the "moment before the kiss"

Aren't Sarah's shoes so cute?

The End!
P.S...I'm VERY ready for this cold weather to end!


Ramblin' Rose Photography said...

I totally agree with wanting the cold weather to end!!

I love the photo of the moment before the kiss. It is perfect. Great job.

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