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My brother got M-A-R-R-I-E-D!!!!

So this is what we've been waiting for as far as announcements go :) My little bro, Danny, got married on New Year's Eve, to his long-time girlfriend Sarah! It was a very surreal experience seeing my brother, who I used to like to dress up in wigs and dresses (sorry Danny!), wearing a tux and marrying the woman he loves!

Besides being the biggest day of my brother's life, it was also a big day for me as this was my first "solo" wedding...so exciting!

They pulled the event off with little notice but everything turned out beautifully! Sarah and her mother worked so hard on all the details!

Starting off with the gown...

Bridal jewelry...

Sarah's family has 4 pomeranians and a big yellow lab...they were very interested in what was going on that morning :)

I love the way Dan is looking at my mom here!

I first got this idea from Michelle Ross of Undergrace Photography...I love the way this shot looks!

A not-quite-traditional shot of Danny and two of his best friends from way back....

So serious about our cuff-links...

I think it's really starting to sink-in here!
Sarah and Danny didn't mind seeing each other before the ceremony, so I suggested we do a first-look. It was a sweet, emotional moment :)
I wanted to include this great shot my mom captured from down below the gazebo!

Sarah and her two girls!

It was VERY windy, as you can tell here!

The flower girl was soooo cute!

It was a very small and intimate ceremony...

I got to put my new lighting to use...it really worked perfectly for the family portraits!
Here's Sarah's family...

And here's Danny and my family! Well, a lot of us anyway. We missed those of you who weren't able to be there!
Sarah's mother made the cake it looked and tasted fabulous!

I couldn't believe that Danny shoved the cake in Sarah's face...but she got him right back :)
What's a holiday wedding without a ring on an ornament?

Last but not least, the groom with his lovely sister/wedding photographer!

I'm so happy for Dan and Sarah and wish them the best through their marriage! Thanks for letting me capture your day!!


Dennis Bullock said...

Beth that is so exciting!

Ramblin' Rose Photography said...

Beautiful photos and what an honor to photograph your brother's wedding.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Beth Berry! :)

What an awesome 1st solo shoot memory. And your dog skills sure came in handy with the poms! ;)

Heather said...

Danny looks so handsome and you did such a great job! Go Beth!

ELisa said...

Yay! You did awesome! What new lighting did you get? It looks great :)
<3 ELisa

Michelle Ross said...

Awesome! I got the idea for that shot from Dan Watkins ;)

Anonymous said...

YAY! Everything looks so good Beth!! AND you are too cute:o)

Nikki Welch said...

Congrats on your first solo wedding! Great work.

Raquita said...

you did such a lovely job - I am sure hes as proud of you as you clearly are of him!! WONDERFUL WORK!

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