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Have you missed my beagles??

So, I'm getting ready to blog about my new work area, which I'm very excited about. Once I got everything set up, I realized there was just something missing. I decided a picture of the beagles might add that finishing touch. A few weeks ago, Griff was at Goodwill, and this big, ugly yellow chair caught his eye...he was thinking of me and my photography needs, and scooped it up! We dragged it out in the yard last night to capture some pics of our little crazy dogs posing it up!

A face only a father could love :)

And the winner is...
I'm thinking this one is calendar worthy!
I'll post pics of the office hopefully tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Why is it that they lay around so peaceful in St Louis, and can't stop running and wrestling for a second in Germantown.

Nice pictures sweetie

Megan said...

AAHHHHH!!! you have lemon beagles! I have a lemon beagle! Her name is Sexy Sadie. She's the love of my life [except for my husband, I guess]

Megan said...

oh yeah - here's a link: http://meganthiele.blogspot.com/2008/03/remote-hog-rocky-racoon.html

Megan said...

bad first link - heres the good one: http://meganthiele.blogspot.com/2008/03/remote-hog-rocky-racoon.html

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