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Crista and Joe...City E-Session

Wow it feels so good to be regularly blogging again! I normally like to space things out a few days but Crista has had to wait long enough :) Although, she has gotten to see some amazing stuff already from Michelle Ross, Brandi Brown, Megan Thiele, and Von DeVore! I love the way these images turned out!

Crista was very prepared and even brought along some fun props.
Workin' the hat and pencil skirt!

For a few minutes the sun peeked in just over this old building.

Um, yeah...Love this one!

The next three were in front of this really fun painted wall.

Then we headed over to the metro station...

Crista and Joe did a lot of "dipping" that night :)

You think they're in love?


Dennis Bullock said...

Good stuff! Hey I know that wall...its across from White Castle.

Clary Pfeiffer said...

Beth!! Awesome pictures, the one with the sun peeking out, lovely!

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