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Crista's Bridals

Wow...I have been a terrible blogger. But I have a valid excuse. Last week, my brand new laptop decided to stop working. Yes, it's an HP...don't start in on me, Mac users. So anyway, I had to start over, and I'm finally up and running. YAY! So for my first blog post back in the saddle, I present to you: Crista! Crista is a great photographer and Michelle Ross put together a fun "themed" get-together to celebrate her engagement. We started with bridals at the Hyatt Regency downtown.
I learned some more about lighting...wow!
Something a little more traditional
I do believe her hubby-to-be will love to finally see her in this dress!

I really love the next two shots...

This is my absolute favorite...

I'm a sucker for the colorful shoes...I'm sure you remember my blue ones :)

Crista...sorry it took me so long! Tomorrow I'll post some pics of part 2 of the session! Enjoy!


Trisha said...

These are awesome pictures Beth!

We're going to have to get together so you can teach me what you learned about lighting! That is one of my biggest challenges! ha :) (Hey, at least I can admit it though. haha).

Great job!

Studio 7 Photography said...

Um, macs are overrated. I love my PC. People have macs to look cool!! So don't sweat it. Love them, can't wait to see the engagements!

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