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Missouri Botanical Gardens

Last night Griff and I headed down to the Botanical Gardens for the Whitaker Music Festival. While we aren't totally in to jazz, it's always an excuse to pack a picnic and enjoy some wine with a zillion other St. Louisans. They currently have an exhibit called "Niki", which includes lots of big, colorful statues. I would suggest heading down and checking it out, the place is beautiful right now!

I have a thing for bonzai trees...

Mmm...cheese and summer sausage. I love picnics!

The following pics show a concoction invented by moi. We had leftover strawberries and angel food cake, so voila, strawberry shortcake on a stick!

I know you want some right now! Did you know they have Cool Whip in a can now ???

These were all taken with my 28 1.8. It's taken me a while to get some shots that I like with this lens but I'm starting to get used to it!


Anonymous said...

Oh great, now I'm hungry.

Leanne said...

Mmmmm... wow Beth, you're a photographer AND a culinary goddess! :)

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