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Alissa's Wedding

Last night my friend and fellow speech therapist, Alissa, got married! I was in attendance as a guest, and Alissa and Jarrod were lucky enough to have their wedding photographed by the talented Clary Pfeiffer. I'm sure that Clary will post some gorgeous pictures of the event soon, but I thought with all my free time I'd get some of my quick shots posted before the newlyweds leave for their Greek honeymoon. I know I was dying to see some teaser pics after my wedding. Hope you had a great day!!

(On a photography note...I'm starting to get more used to my flash and was happy with the lighting at the reception. I'm learning a little about "dragging" my shutter. )

Alissa and her dad:
I posted this because I find this to be one of the funniest wedding rituals. I've seen it at a few other weddings and it never ceases to crack me up. The groomsmen all put brown paper bags over their heads, each with a different number. It's usually a joke on the best man...as soon as the song starts everyone leaves the dance floor except for the joke-ee. They usually dance like crazy b/c the dj has everyone clap for their "favorite".

Here's the lucky guy...still going strong.
My favorite...Alissa and Jarrod's first dance.
Alissa and I...taken by my lovely husband :)
Can't wait to see your pro pics!


Clary Pfeiffer said...

Hey Beth!! It was so nice seeing you at Alissa and thank you so much for introducing me to the bride and groom. Your pictures of the cake and cake cutting are perfect!!

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