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Happy Birthday Wayne!!!

Griff and I returned today from Kansas City (I'll blog about that later) and headed straight to Blanchette Park to help celebrate his Grandpa Wayne's birthday! He is the big 8-0!!!! Family and friends from all over came to help celebrate.

It was so windy we couldn't keep the candles lit. Griff jumped in front of me to attempt to block the wind.

Griff, Wayne, and my sis-in-law, Corinne.

Happy Birthday, Wayne!!!!


Leanne said...

80th birthday party!! EXCELLENT!! :)

This gives me an idea for a photo shoot that would be really awesome...it has to do with you, me, and a bunch of older adults. Ok that sounds dirty, but I promise that's not what I'm thinking. Hmm. I'll get back to you.

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