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Karson is moving :(

One of my best friends and matron of honor is getting ready to move to Wilmington, North Carolina. It will be an exciting move for she and her husband, but sad because they've put so much time into decorating their first home. She wanted some nice pictures to remind her of their first house as a married couple.

I think her decorating skills are pretty impressive...every room is a different bright color.

How cool is this room? Karson uses it mostly for scrapbooking. She also has sewing stuff hidden away. I keep telling Griff to build me a room like this, but we may have to move into a bigger house first :)

Even the laundry room is bright and cheerful! I think I wouldn't mind doing laundry in here.

More bottles...they're so simple but yet go perfectly with the kitchen.

Now, anyone looking for a home in Centerville, OH, go buy her house!!!!!!


The knowledge lady said...

Wow, do I wish I had that kind of decorating talent!

Karson said...

Bethy! I LOVE the pics you took of my house. They are beautiful. I cannot wait to have some printed and framed so I can hang them in my new home in North Carolina. You are so talented. Thanks for helping me make memories.

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