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Second shooting for Firefly Images

It's taking way too long between blog posts for me. I have an excuse though, I've been really busy! Last Friday was my last day of school for the summer (yay!), followed by a 12-hour wedding shoot with Firefly Images on Saturday. Sunday I spent packing and shopping for last minute essentials for our trip to Vegas. We were in Vegas Monday-Thursday...and our flight back to StL was delayed forever due to storms, so we didn't arrive back in StL until almost 3 am. Friday morning we drove home to Ohio, which is where I am now...tired and blogging! Here are a few pics from the wedding last weekend. I have a bunch I want to post. Karen from Firefly was great and taught me a little more about my flash. Check out her website! I will be blogging from home in the next couple of days, with some more wedding pics and hopefully some stuff from Vegas.

One of the cool things about being a second shooter is getting some candid stuff that no one else is paying attention to.

I got this shot while the videographer was filming a scene:


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