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Kristy + Scott: "Re-Dress" {St. Louis Modern Wedding Photographer}

November 28th, 2011-
Kristy and Scott were married over Labor Day weekend (see their post HERE). They decided to postpone their bride-groom portraits until after the wedding. I've been encouraging a number of my brides lately to do this. For Kristy and Scott, it meant that their wedding day could focus on what's most important--the marriage--and the pictures could be done later. So, we gathered on a cloudy day a few weekends ago for what I'm calling a "Re-Dress" session. We met out where Kristy boards her beautiful horse and wandered the property.

My assistant Nicole also works for Walter Knoll Florist. She designed some AWESOME florals for this shoot. I wish she had the opportunity to design for me more often, and I appreciate the folks at Walter Knoll for giving us these beautiful flowers!

AND she took the following three shots:

The fall leaves were GONE but we happened across this pretty bed of pine needles...

And then we brought out Kristy's mare...love these!

Brides....contact me if you ever want to talk about doing a "Re-Dress" Session...


Megan said...

WOW - love the ones with the horse! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

You should have a horse available for all your photo shoots! So beautiful! Also LOVE the shots in the pine needles. And that last shot is gorgeous! Hmmm, think I'll go horse-shopping today. MK

Carolyn Burke said...

Nice - very nice. LOVE THAT DRESS !!

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