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Kristy + Scott, Engaged!

Kristy and Scott will be getting married this Labor Day weekend (on a Sunday, my first double-header wedding weekend!) They are opting to have a small, intimate ceremony/reception at a new location, the City Cottage.

We started off at Kristy's super-cute home.
A hammock! everyone should have a back porch like this.

How can you resist those eyes? Can you see his eyes? :)

Then we headed down to Kirkwood...I love the train station and I'm always amazed that it's a real, working station.

The light in this alley is always perfect.

I've passed these chairs before...but I guess I never paid much attention to them! Aren't these fun?

Thanks guys! See you in September!


Megan said...

cute! love the ones in the alley, and of course the doggy pics are adorable ;)

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