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Warning! Boudoir Photos to Follow!!!

**Skip this post if you are easily offended! The images are mostly covered up and very tasteful, though :)**

So Valentine's Day is over, and for the majority of the ladies below, their surprises to their significant others have been revealed! (although a few are waiting to give theirs as a wedding gift). I had enough incredible images of each girl to do several full blog posts, but due to privacy /surprise issues, I'm combining them all into one post!

For those of you that are interested in a boudoir session, I will be setting up a private gallery on my website that is password protected. Please email me if you'd like to check it out. If I have enough interest I'd love to do another marathon later in the spring/early summer.

And on to the loveliness...

Many thanks to Amy at the Hyatt Downtown for her help getting this weekend set-up! And a special thanks to all the girls who participated...hope you all had a wonderful time and are feeling more confident and sexy than ever!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! Very sexy and tasteful.

Aunt Cheryl

Becky said...

beautiful. and the same place where i had my boudoir picture done too!

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