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Mini Boudoir Blog...

So I feel like I've been waiting forever to show off some of these images! A few weeks ago, Megan and I shot our first co-boudoir marathon, and it was way too much fun. We were blessed to work with some amazingly confident women! The Hyatt at the Arch was incredibly accommodating to us that weekend and I will definitely be shooting there in the future...anyone else ready for another boudoir marathon?

These are just a few teasers...boudoir photos have a bit more restrictions when it comes to blogging...so here are a few that are safe to show for now. Many of them will have to wait until after Valentine's Day, when these girls give their significant others a gift that will knock their socks off :)

Woooooo wooooooo (yep that's a long whistle). Sorry you get to see so few now, but it's better than nothing, right?


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