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Meghan and Ernie + 1

A few weeks ago, Griff and I traveled to Chicago through a snow storm so that I could attend the baby shower of my wonderful college friend, Meghan. I told her that if she had a shower in December or January, I wouldn't miss it for the world...since I miss so many things in the spring, summer, and fall with all the weddings I shoot. Anyway, we didn't have a shoot scheduled, but when the snow fell so beautifully all of Friday night, and we came across this bridge after her shower, we had to snap a few photos. I love when random photo opportunities just fall into your lap :)

Cheesy hand-heart pose + snow = perfect.

These last two are taken in front of their condo in the city and I love them!

Yay for a snowy maternity session! Now, as for the rest of the winter, the snow can just STAY AWAY!

Meghan and Ernie, I am so excited to meet your new little one! I'll be sure to come back in the spring!


Kate said...

I love the first one! The snow is amazing!

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