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Vallexia and Terrence: Engaged!!

Wow...I can't believe I'm coming to the end of "blogging" season. This was my first weekend of the fall without a shoot or wedding, and it was so lovely to relax with my family!!!

I do get a little sad when I come to the end of the season though...I find myself saying..."Aww, this is my LAST engagement session of the year!" Vallexia contacted me a while back, referred from my friend Katie. They will be getting married next year in Vegas!! Terrence was a little nervous about pics, so we gave him a hard time....he worked through it and they turned out great!

I just love the photo on the left...Vallexia has pretty eyes :)

Thanks guys! Good luck on your Vegas wedding!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I don't know what he was worried about, he's a great-looking guy, and she's gorgeous! Love the "hands" shot, too. Really, really nice. MK

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