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Alison + Adam: Engaged!

I met Alison and Adam at their home on the Hill last week for their engagement shoot. It was dark and threatened rain for the entire session...but we made it out with just a few sprinkles! These two will be getting married in less than 2 months, and will also be my last wedding of the year! We have already discussed the possibility of breaking out a bottle of champagne at the end of the night :)

I love starting a session at the couple's home. Their house is so cute!

We didn't really have any specific locations in mind. So, we wandered over to this tennis court, where Alison and Adam had a competitive 2nd date...love these shots.

The dramatic sky and different location make this one of my favorite engagement shots ever!

Behind the scenes: There was a snarling dog behind that pretty fence of flowers...

Someone's garage with some pretty vines...sounds good to me...

This brick road is in their neighborhood. I have always skipped the following shot b/c it's always seemed so super trendy...but I just had to do it in this street. A man in a truck yelled at me b/c he couldn't believe I'd make that "poor" girl lay down in the street in a white dress :)

Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood! (and for the tomatoes and peppers from your garden!)


Maida said...

Fantastic photos. Can hardly to wait for the wedding. It should be awesome.

Lynsey T said...

Great photos Beth! Love the shots of them laying in the street!!

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