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Ashley and Jim: Engaged!

Finally...after a month long hiatus from shooting people due to a much needed vacation and rest...I'm starting back up with sessions! I met up with Ashley and Jim down in Lafayette Square the other night...I love that area because you can just wander around and find different random places to shoot...along with the classic spots as well. Ashley had been warning me how "un-photogenic" she is...but she is oh-so-wrong....

You will notice in all these shots that her eyes are fabulous! She can really express a lot with her eyes...

Check out those shoes!

These two will be getting married in November 6th this year...keeping fingers crossed that their weekend will be as beautiful as the same date last year!


Ashley said...

Beth, you are so talented! I have gotten so many good responses from my friends, family & co-workers! I've already talked you up to a few brides, hopefully you'll get some consults soon =) Thanks again!

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