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Wallet-Friendly Album!

So I've been offering a big, beautiful leather flushmount album ever since I started shooting weddings. These albums are gorgeous and big and and what I consider perfect :) However, not every bride wants/needs a huge wedding album. The company I work with has started to offer a "linen" cover version of the bigger albums. The pages are thinner and flexible, but still photo printed. These are NOT to be compared with a mypublisher.com or blurb.com book...those pages are very thin and cheap.

I ordered a linen book for my August '09 bride, Megan, and was super-impressed with it. The outer cover has a pretty sheen to it. And the pages, while flexible, are still thick! And, they open flat!

Here are the 10x10 of the linen v. the leather...

I have now added an option to my wedding packages that includes these linen albums. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any more questions! info@bethberryphotography.com


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