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Engaged: Ardith and Miguel

Ardith contacted me a few months ago needing some StL engagement photos...as their wedding will be taking place in the Philippines in December (pssst...I can come with you if you want!) We were going to do whole Arch thing to show off St. Louis...but we realized there was a game that night and decided we wanted to avoid downtown!

I found this little alley appx. 30 seconds before we started the session...great light in there!

Oh...so it had been raining ALL day...but for our session it decided to clear up...and the sun even peeked out for a few minutes!

Again with the warm sun...yay!

I think this is my fave...

Good luck with the rest of your long-distance planning! It was nice hanging out for a few hours!


landlocked bride said...

Gorgeous, Beth! Glad you were able to get some shots at the Grand Basin!

Ardith - love your outfit!

ardithmichelle said...

Beth! They are adorable, I LOVE them!!

Lora Ayers said...

Thank you for your comment, it brought me over here, and wow! I love these! I love the gate!! Your skin tones are perfect too! :)

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