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Caleo Family...Fun for the Holidays!

On Christmas Eve I met with the Caleo Family out in St. Peters. Christmas Eve?!? Yep, Christmas Eve. I'd been talking with Sandi for months trying to set something up for when the whole family was in town for the holidays. And well, Christmas Eve was the only day it was gonna work :) Of course it was a cold, snowy day, so we decided to do some fun stuff at James and Kristen's home. You may remember part of this family from our last december photo shoot!

Here are all the kids + grandkids

The guys decked out in their pj's...a holiday tradition!
And the ladies too!

They later changed into some regular clothes, and looked cute and coordinated :) I believe this pose below has been done at each girl's wedding :)

James and Kristen in front of their lovely fireplace...the photos behind them were taken by a great photographer back in Pennsylania.

Sandi is the one who booked me, and we have already discussed doing another fun shoot this summer out in the sun (remember the sun? I know, it's difficult...)

I knew since we'd be stuck inside we might want to do a fun activity as a family...so time to bake cupcakes!

I love when kids get to be kids without adults hovering and controlling their every move. They had so much fun!

Thanks for having me out to your home guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Sandi said...

The pictures are absolutely amazing! We all can't wait to see the rest. It meant so much that you able to come and take our pictures, we had so much fun and are looking forward to our summer shoot!

Anonymous said...

What great family pictures. I really love the jammy shots. Great job!

jennise said...

Love the pictures, can't wait to see the rest of them, it was so much fun. Thanks so much!!!

Meg said...

I Love those baking pictures. So amazing. I feel like I was in their moment.

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