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Happy December!

My niece Kaitlyn wants to tell you, "HAPPY DECEMBER!!"

How much do you love this photo? So cute!


Sarah K. said...

Beth this picture is perfect! I love it so much! her eyes look so blue and the look on her face is so adorable! thanks for taking these. awesome job as usual!

Anonymous said...

Because you never give up till you get your shot, you ended up with a wonderful picture as always.
Great photo of your beautiful niece
and our granddaughter Kaitlyn.


Katie H. said...

Awww so precious!

Anonymous said...

Can't stop looking at it.Those eyes are killing me! Nana K

jenny haas said...

I LOVE this photo! I saw the rest on Sarah's facebook page..you should've posted a few more they are all great! love your work

Jenny Haas said...

This is fantastic! love your work ;)

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