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Ashley and Herbie: Engaged!

I'll be shooting the wedding of Ashley and Herbie next October and I can't wait. When I met with Ashley and her mom a few months ago we really clicked, and I was excited when they booked me! We met up early Sunday morning downtown...I used to hate getting up early to shoot...now I think it's my favorite time. The streets are quiet, the light is beautiful, and when you're done you feel so accomplished so early in the morning!

Get ready for some fabulous-ness! This is my first session entirely edited on the iMac...I really can't get enough of it!

Meet the couple!
Hello blue skies...
Hello beautiful left-over fall-light!

Umm...hello beautiful!

Now THAT is a dip! Do you think they've been practicing?

I love this next series: 1)
and 3)

Sigh...it's 2:30 am and I had no trouble staying up to edit this session...it was a good one :)


Lynsey T said...

These are great Beth. I love the shots on Locust Street...beautiful! I was up until 1 last night editing too so I totally understand what you mean here!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the light in all of those. Great job.

Kelly Park Photography said...

beautiful sun flare!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. LOVE the dip! The location(s)and the light are perfect, Great-looking couple.

Nikki Welch said...

Great session Beth!

Lisa Hessel said...

FAbulous :)

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