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Anna and Farid are Engaged!

Anna and Farid are getting married next May at Villa Antonio Winery, followed by another celebration in Lebanon soon after! (no, they won't be taking me along to Lebanon :)

They met at Bar Italia, so how fitting was it to start in the Central West End (my old stomping grounds!)

What a great wall!

Love these fountain shots!

The purple Anna chose just pops in every photo!

Beautiful bride and handsome groom :)

Finally utilizing some fall colors...and the sun was our friend that day :)

Farid, hope we didn't torture you too much on Sunday! See you guys in May!


Anonymous said...

Great looking couple and location. The purple with the fall colors turned out beautifully. Finally decided the last one is my favorite.


Michelle said...

Purple is such an awesome color for outdoor shots! These are perfect!

Anna T. said...

Ooh! I love them all so much! I especially like the ones by the tree and the fountain..and the black and white....

andrea said...

I love them all! Anna and Farid look amazing! Can't pick a favorite!

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