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Sarah's Maternity Session!

This weekend while at home visiting the fam, I shot some maternity photos for Sarah, who is my sis-in-law married to my big little brother. I've been dying to shoot near their home because the area where we grew up is just so beautiful! I could do all my shoots there!

We started off in KP's soon to be room....I'll spell out her name when I do her newborn photos and know how to spell it :)

We quickly moved outside because it was a gorgeous day...

The corn just reminds me of growing up in Germantown :)

Obligatory belly shot !
Throwing in some texture...

I haven't had the honor of being pregnant yet...but I think this picture is symbolic of how far away your feet feel!

Family pic--pre-baby!

I want this field in my back yard!

Love you guys! Can't wait to meet miss K in August!


Sundin Photography said...

I do love the shot looking down at her toes. I have been pregnant and think that is a PERFECT representation of it! :) The last two pictures are my very fav. though.

Konnie said...

These photo's are amazing. The pictures of Danny and Sarah are so intimate, just beautiful. One of my favorite things to do is to drive around the countryside in the early morning just for the beauty of it. You captured that beauty magnificently!!

Sarah K said...

Beth I adore these pics! They are so perfect! Dan and I are lucky to have such a talented sis. Thank you so so much!

Anonymous said...

You ROCK the dog shots!!! :) Sheesh... you seem to catch dogs smiling, I swear. And yes, I love all the other images... but the dog is my FAV!! :)

Julie B. said...

I enjoy looking at all your blog pics; you are so talented. Can't wait for you to work your lens magic with Kaitlyn!

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