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Ben: 1 year!

Okay, so the bad thing about being a faithful blogger is that you start to feel guilty when you get slightly behind! I just shot this session on Sunday, but I wanted to get it posted as soon as possible. You see, Kate is one of my bestest friends that I've known for years, and I was so happy when she asked me to shoot some photos for Ben's 1st year. I did some newborn photos for her back when I was just starting out (wow seems so long ago but really isn't!)..and he has grown so much! Kate's family means a lot to me...her dad and my dad are best buds...I think they have a man crush on each other...and Kate and I have just "clicked" ever since I started driving her to school back in the day :) Anyway, too much talking...on with the pics!

He has the best smile!
Some daddy time!

This chair is antique...and he looks so darn cute in it!

Um...those eyes are to die for!

And here's one of the Swanson clan...Craig, Konnie, Anna, Joe, Kate, her love Dan, and their little man, Ben. Love you guys!


Sundin Photography said...

OH WOW. What a cutie with that red hair! I just love the picture with the yellow/orange door in the background. LOVE it.

Konnie said...


You captured the essence of my "Grand Ben"!! He is an amazing little boy sometimes shy, sometimes pensive, sometimes rambunctious and you "got it all". Love, love, love the pictures along the railroad tracks. Somehow you even managed to make the Swanson's look good!!

Anna Swanson said...

Beth, once again, you did a fabulous job! You made my rotten, red-headed nephew look absolutely adorable and handsome!! I can't wait to see the rest of them! :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful and I'm loving that little red head boy. For the record, you post processing is perfection!

Anonymous said...

Who's the pretty blonde with the sooper sassy haircut?

Can't be that gangly little niece of mine!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Ben gets his good looks from his Grandma instead of Grandpa on the Swanson side. Great photos and what a handsome little guy.


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