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My first workshop

This week I attended my first workshop, actually titled the PLAYshop...put on by Heather Cole out of Kansas City. I have admired her work for a while, and when I saw she had an affordable workshop only a few hours from me, I think I might have been the first person to sign up :)

Heather was like an open book and gave tons of great advice! We got to shoot the couple below, Paul and Claire (Claire is also a photographer out of Kansas City). It helped me remember that couples sessions are not always about cute outfits and fun locations...we need to photograph the "connection". These 2 made that part easy!

More of Alisa and Victor soon!


Anonymous said...

Great captures...love the first one.

Claire Ryser said...

*gasp* these are so beautiful! You are so wonderful at what you do!I'm in love with that 2nd set.. the frist one is awesome too! So hard to pick favorites. THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THESE!!!

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