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Alisa and Victor, First Favorites!

All day I've been dealing with a slow computer/photoshop. It never takes me this long to blog! Finally got enough intial favorites together to make a blog post :)

I have worked with Alisa for the last three years (she is a kindergarten teacher!), and was really excited that she wanted me to photograph her special day! She was one of the first wedding clients to book me, and that means a lot. Alisa and Victor are one of those couples that are just naturally cuddly together, which makes my job easier :) The following images are just some of my favorites, but by all means not yet comprehensive. I'll have some more details and a slideshow coming soon!

I love love love tulips! She ordered these off the internet to save some money and they turned out beautifully!

Victor must be heavier than they thought :)

These two photos are both so different...one with vibrant blue skies, the other faded with sunflare...but I love them both!

Sometimes the things dj's do at receptions can be cheesy, but I enjoyed this one...EVERY male in the place was asked to come to the dance floor, and serenaded Alisa with "You've Lost that Loving Feeling". It was great!
My favorite new ring shot! Alisa and Victor had an Oreo and Milk bar to complement their wedding cake :)
More soon !


Anonymous said...

These are great! Looks like a fun wedding. Love the shot of the girls trying to hold up the groom.
MK - off to buy Oreos

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