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Okay to some of you it won't be THAT big...but to my family and those that have been following me over this past year, it is very exciting! I finally have an official website!!!

On my site you can find galleries broken down into categories, pricing, and a proofing area for clients. I worked hard on it and I'm really happy with the way it came out! Of course I will still be sharing all my most recent work here on the blog, but my website will be where you can find all the information you need to know.

Oh, and I'm laughing at those of you who thought my big announcement was that I'm pregnant! Nope, just officially in business :)


Anonymous said...

Oooh... I wish, I wish! :)

Dennis Bullock said...

Congrats Beth! It looks great!

Trisha said...

That IS big! :)

Can I just say that I have had mine for over two months now, but it STILL looks like this. It's all my Dad's fault! (Like he doesn't have anything better to do! LOL

Did you hire someone to do your page or how did you go about doing it. I may just have to do that instead of waiting on Dad! :(

Trisha said...

BTW: It looks awesome! :)

Studio 7 Photography said...

um, amazing, I am so proud of you friend!! and just think after these fab weddings you'll have awesome stuff to post, and I'll be jealous!! XOXO!

Jessica said...

Congratulations! It looks great, I especially like the "enter site" pic! hahahaha!

Aly sun said...

The site looks fabulous! I am trying to think of some excuse to go to your neck of the woods for you to photograph my family. You do beautiful work.

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