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Alisa and Mike's Wedding; Trying out some MCP Actions Blog-It Boards!

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity again to shoot with Megan Thiele! It was another COOOOLLD day! Right after the ceremony was over the sun came out, so we had to brave the weather for some outdoor pics :)

I blogged these next pictures using a Magic Blog-It Board from www.mcpactions.com. They are super easy to use! They will look better once I get a blog that allows for larger pictures!

I'm having fun with the bouquet/garter toss photos :)

I love an emotional reaction from toasts!


SceneOne Photography said...

LOVE your work and your blog!

Dennis Bullock said...

Good stuff Beth....that last shot is classic

michelle said...

Hey Beth! I love the MCP actions. Are those only compatible with Photoshop or will they work with other software?

BTW, I found a great blog template that is a single column format that allows for big pics and I upload my pics to photobucket which makes it really easy to customize picture size (and provides html code to cut and paste in your blog easily).

The link to the blog template is at the bottom of my blog. :) Just wanted to offer my two cents. ;)

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