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Next Up! Fehring Family!

Sunday morning could not have been nicer for this family's shoot. Miss E. was a little apprehensive at first, but once I put her to work, she was the best helper a photographer could have. She scoped out backdrops, including walls and trees, and collected the best leaves and rocks.

Ta da! We needed leaves for throwing!

She was so sweet...if I shouted "Give mom a kiss!", she would kiss mom, and also dad...she was an equal opportunity cuddler!

Came up with this pose all on her own :)

And off she went to cross the bridge all alone, just like a big girl...see ya next time!


The Peterson's said...

Love them all. That is a beutiful setting. Wish I was there to learn from you!

Bumatay said...

That second shot with her holding the leaves is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Can't pick a favorite from this bunch. Curly red hair and big blue eyes, how cute is she? Each one prettier than the last. Good job.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous child!!! LOVE these pictures. Wonderful artistic flair --beautiful family.

michelle said...

These are fantastic! Seems like each set of pics you post is even better than the last!

I love checking in to see what you're doing.

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