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Newborn: Lorelai!

So how many times can I say it...so happy to finally document a newborn little GIRL! Loved her girly sweater and pretty pink room! Lorelai was so sweet and content!

Here I think she's thinking "Who's that lady with the camera?"

She loves it when her daddy holds her like this!

How cute is her bedding?!?

Mom and baby, so peaceful!

She looks so cozy...


Anonymous said...

LOVE the sleeping baby pics, especially the black & white, with the little smirk on her face. SO cute! mk

Dee Keune said...

Little Lorelai is adorable! She's got so much hair and the prettiest face. Hope she's a good baby for you. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the photos with us.
Dave & Dee Keune

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ADOREABLE!!!!!! Such a cutie. I want to hold her. Great pics! xxxx0 "Fav" Aunt Pat

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