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Lori and Mike's Wedding-Shooting with Clary Pfeiffer

In the middle of October I had the pleasure again of shooting with Clary Pfeiffer. She is oh-so talented and it just seems to come so naturally!

Lori was beautiful, and I just loved this shot of she and her father before walking down the aisle.

Pictures at Wash U.

Loved the cake!

I thought this pic would look good with some antique processing...what do you think?

I thought this was funny because of the line-up of guys...everyone is so non-chalant except the guy in the middle...he looks like he does this for a living!

Thanks for having me Clary! I'm up for it any time!


Anonymous said...

I love all the shots of Lori and her dad before the walk down the aisle. I also love the processing on the dance and cake. The day would not have been the same without you!! xo

BeDaZzLeD Photography said...

These are breathtaking. I love them all. Especially the one of the couple between the arch.

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