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Canvases and wedding albums, oh my!

So I have a couple of fun things to share, that while aren't related to my photographic abilities, are still related to photography. The last few weeks I've gotten a couple of REALLY awesome items that I've been waiting forever for!

The first is this B-E-A-utiful canvas from SimplyCanvas. If you've been following my blog, you'll remember back in July when Griff and I had the opportunity to be photographed by many talented StL photographers in our "Trash the Dress" session. After many months of looking at cd's, we finally decided on the one below! It was taken by the fabulous Brandi Brown! There was just something about the black and white here that we just loved! Thanks Brandi!

Secondly, the item I've been waiting over a YEAR for! My wedding photographer did a wonderful job and took hundreds of great pictures. Then I asked photographer/album designer extraordinaire Michelle Ross to help design me a HUGE, simple, classy album. It turned out way better than I ever could have hoped for!!!! Below, you will see our KISS album...

Classic black leather cover...

Lots and lots of pages!

With sturdy, thick, last-a-lifetime pages!!!!
I love my wedding album so much. It was really worth the wait!


clary5four said...

Beautiful Canvas and that is so exciting about the album. What size did you end up going with for the canvas?

Beth Berry said...


I believe the canvas is 24x32! It's pretty huge but looks great over the bed.

Also, the album is 10x10, which I think is perfect!

brandi brown said...

LOVE it!!! You two are so adorable! I am excited that you picked that one. See you this weekend!!

Michelle Ross said...

WOAH! That is nice! Isn't it nice to have your wedding in a book now?

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