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Alexander's Lovely Family!

So I promised myself that before we left for the Mizzou game this weekend, I'd get all my blogging done and cd's mailed to all my recent families. And I actually got everything done!

I was given as a baby-shower "gift" to Sara by my friend Anna. I thought that was such a great idea! We were finally able to get scheduled for this week. Alexander is about 2 months old, and such a little man. For some reason, my camera appeared to lull him to sleep :)

I think a marching band could have been playing outside the door and he'd still be asleep!

I love this mom and baby pose!

We eventually moved outside to see if we could get Alex to wake up...and dad helped by doing this:

Which got this reaction! There's that smile!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I'll be freezing my toes off in Columbia watching some good ole' fashioned football!


Von DeVore said...

Hi Beth. These images of the baby are adorable! Your work is lovely.

clary5four said...

He is so cute Beth and you do such a good job of showing it off. Love the "hug me" shoes...like anyone needs to be told that because how can you not, right!?

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