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Engagement: Alisa and Victor

Okay, so I lied about not having any photo shoots this weekend! The weather ended up being so beautiful this weekend, we just HAD to fit in Alisa and Victor's engagement pics! She is a Kindergarten teacher at my school, and getting married in June! Congrats!!

Unfortunately, my "trick" for getting larger images on my blog is not working tonight! It makes me sad because I love all of these images! I'll try to fix it!

**UPDATE** I fixed it...yay for big pictures!

And thank to my aunt Cecilia who came along to shoot pictures and just generally be entertaining :)


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful Beth! ~Victor

Cider Press Studios said...

Hi Beth,
Sorry to bother you, but I follow your blog as an "aspiring" photographer and just love your work. I am always checking your page out to see if you have new things posted. Also, congratulations on winning the Pet photo contest on MeRa's blog, such an adorable photo. A quick question, I am also using Blogger for my photography blog and am wondering how you got your images larger? Please clue me in, I can't find any resources for tips online. Thanks much.

The Peterson's said...

Great photos. Do you mind me asking what lens you used?

Beth Berry said...


Blogger: upload your pics as "medium", then go under "edit html" in your post, and change the s320 to s640. Hope that helps!

Lenses: I use a combination of my cheapie 50 1.8, my 28 1.8, and the 85 1.8.

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