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Celebrating and Soaking the Dress!!!

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to "model" for a trash/celebrate the dress session with a talented bunch of StL photographers. Michelle from UnderGrace Photography really pulled it together! It was a crazy evening...right as we were about to start the storms rolled in, but luckily it cleared up in time for us to get some amazing images! I am totally blown away by these shots and feel so lucky that Griffin and I will have these images to keep forever! Here are some of my favorites so far, that have been posted on various blogs:

Trisha from Seelen Photography:

Nicole from Nicole Welch Photography:

Brandi from Brandi Brown Photography:

Gail from Photography by Gail Fleming:

And finally, Michael from Browers Photography

There are some other photographers who will be posting to their blogs soon, and I can't wait to see their images! You all will have to help me decide the perfect image to hang up in the bedroom!!


Leanne said...

You are SMOKIN, lady!! Very gorgeous pictures!

brandi brown said...

you are such a hottie!! I had a blast!!

Sarah B said...

Beth those pictures are amazing; you look great! what an awesome opportunity for you, those pictures are going to make for some great memories!

Daina said...

nice pics beth! you look very beautiful. my fave is the one where you are 'dancing' and the train is flaring out.

becca | benton park photography co. said...

mine are up now, too! http://blog.bentonparkphotoco.com. thanks for being such a great model! you were AWESOME!!!

tine hofmann tm photography said...

very cool pics:)!

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