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Baby Ben

A few months ago I blogged Kate's baby shower and some maternity pics. Last Monday, Baby Ben finally arrived! He was a few days early and the timing worked out perfectly for me to get back to Ohio and take some newborn photos. This was tougher than I thought! He is an absolute doll, but doesn't enjoy being in the buff or being laid on his tummy :)

Here are just a few of the shots we got...

"Somebody hug me!!!!"

I think we interrupted his nap...

Teeny tiny feet!
One of Kate's biggest wishes has always been to be a mother. She and Ben look perfect together :)


Konnie said...

I loved the pics Beth. My grandson is adorable and you did a great job. I love showing him off so I'll be sure to let everyone know you have
picutures up. Thanks for taking the time and effort to come to Ohio to meet and photograph Ben. Love, Konnie

Kate said...

Beth, Dan and I love the pictures of our little man! They made me cry! You do such a good job. I was worried you wouldn't be able to get any good shots since he was being such a pill that day! I was wrong, they turned out perfect!

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