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Ryan and Daina...Engaged!

Okay, well they aren't "newly" engaged..but that's okay! Ryan and I have been friends for around 5 years...dating back to our days living in the CWE. He is a great guy, and I'm so happy that he found Daina, who is cute, funny, and perfect for him! They came down from Chicago this weekend to catch up and have some pictures taken. Daina is the woman behind my logo. As soon as she gets a website up and running, I'll start sending you all her way.

It started raining right before we got started and continued for most of the day. We ended up doing many pics inside, but by the end of the day were able to move outside. This was my first engagement session, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Here are some of my favorites.

They went to Kilkenny' s on their first date...unfortunately it was closed on Saturday afternoon.

Next we drove over to the Loop and went to Pin-up Bowl. The red decor made for a great background!

When leaving the Pin-up, we got way too excited about this rainbow. I know the composition on this isn't great, but it's fun anyway. Lastly we moved over to Forest Park right before it got dark on us.

It was so good to see you guys! See you in Chi-town in September??


david & kimi baxter said...

reeeeally love that second image and 2nd to last!! nice work!

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